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We have the official WPT courts. No problems with wind, sun or moist. Reserve your court now at


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We provide 2 double, and  1 single indoor courts. Normal 90 min for double, and 60 min for single court. 

La Escalera

La Escalera

Play games within your own level. Sign up your team, and start play. If you win, you climb the ladder. If you lose 2 games, you take a step down. No extra cost. Only price for court.



Sign up for our fun and challenging competitions. All in diffrent levels so you can find something that fits you. Bring your friends or find new ones here.


Contact information

Calle Acacio Rebagliato Pamies 18, 03183 Torrevieja

+34 652 321 102

Monday-Sunday: 8:00-23:00, Friday: 8:00-21:30